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Welcome to the site of Artist Sonia Larson. This website offers details about American Artist Sonia Larson and her professional career in the field of fine arts. This includes Sonia's education, past work in the design arts industry, work as a muralist, and Sonia's work today as a Florida artist who utilizes recyled/reclaimed materials from actual palm trees as the basis of her artwork.

Palm Frond Art - Palm Tree Artist

Sonia's palm tree artistry includes her palm frond art, unique paintings made from a combination of fine art and the base of a palm branch (frond branches) using the palm frond branch as a natural wood canvas. Her seed-pod art, creative paintings made from the outer shell of actual palm tree seed-pods. All paintings are sealed both front and back for long lasting durability. Each painting is one-of-a-kind American handcrafted, and no two paintings are alike.

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Florida Art Shows: At this time Sonia's artwork is only available in art and craft shows throughout the State of Florida.

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Artist Sonia Larson

Artist Sonia Larson visual arts portfolio, including creative painting on palm fronds, art made from palm trees, artist education, and fine arts career information.

Artist Sonia Larson, 8700 Astronaut Blvd. #803, Cape Canaveral, Florida 32920

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Site Depiction: The purpose of this site is to promote Artist Sonia Larson and her professional career as an artist. Sonia holds a fine arts degree and is a strong advocate of the arts. She takes pride in American handmade craftsmanship/artistry.